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How to Clear Terminus Outcomes Stronghold in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies with expert tips and strategies on our website.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to successfully clear the Terminus Outcomes Stronghold in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies' Story Mission: Infiltrator. In this mission, players must engage in multiple combat encounters with Mercenaries and retrieve the coveted Terminus Outcomes Record from a safe. Follow these outlined steps to complete the mission successfully.

How to Clear Terminus Outcomes Stronghold in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Acquiring the Stronghold Keycard:

To gain access to the stronghold, players have three options for obtaining the keycard. The first option is to search around the Mercenary Camp for any hidden keycards. These keycards may be tucked away in crates, lockers, or even under debris. Players should explore the camp thoroughly to find any potential hiding spots. The second option is to defeat a Mercenary Convoy and retrieve a dropped keycard. These convoys can be located on the Tac-Map and players must strategically intercept and eliminate the mercenaries to secure the keycard. The third option is to visit a Buy Station to purchase the keycard. This option is useful for players who may have accumulated enough in-game currency to make the purchase.

Locating and Clearing the Stronghold:

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Once the keycard has been acquired, players can use it to gain entry to the stronghold. Using the Tac-Map, locate Mercenary Strongholds situated in White Low Threat Zones. These zones indicate a lower level of enemy presence and provide players with a better chance of successfully clearing the stronghold. Once you have identified the stronghold, approach it cautiously and be prepared for combat encounters. Before entering the building, engage in combat with all mercenaries outside. This will help reduce the number of enemies you have to face inside the stronghold. Eliminate all mercenaries inside the stronghold systematically, room by room, to ensure that no enemy is left behind. Be cautious and use strategic tactics during combat encounters. Take cover, use grenades, and coordinate with your team to ensure a successful clear.

Retrieving Terminus Outcomes Records:

To retrieve the records from the safe inside the stronghold, players must first drill open the safe using appropriate tools or equipment. These tools can be found in the game environment or purchased from a Buy Station. Once you have acquired the necessary tools, approach the safe and initiate the drilling process. Be prepared for any nearby mercenaries that may pose a threat during this time. Stay alert and eliminate any enemies that come close to the drilling area. Once the drilling is completed successfully, open the safe and retrieve the Terminus Outcomes Record. This record is a crucial item for completing the mission and progressing further.

Completing Objective and Collecting Items:

To complete your objective and gather necessary items, players should thoroughly search for any dropped items surrounding or near the safe area. These items may include ammunition, health packs, or other useful resources. Pay close attention to any additional clues or hints left by developers. These clues may lead you to hidden caches or provide insights into the next steps of the mission. Exploring the environment and being observant will greatly enhance your chances of completing the mission successfully.

Finalize Mission by Collecting Cyphered Tablet:

In order to fully complete your task of retrieving the records, don't forget this crucial step. Locate and pick up the Cyphered Tablet near the safe. This tablet contains encrypted information that will aid you in further missions and unraveling the secrets of the Terminus Outcomes Stronghold. Be sure to grab this item before leaving the area.

Congratulations! You have successfully cleared the Terminus Outcomes Stronghold in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies' Story Mission: Infiltrator. By following these friendly guidelines, you've retrieved the coveted Terminus Outcomes Record and completed your mission objective. Remember to apply strategic tactics, remain vigilant during combat encounters, and pay attention to any additional clues or hints provided throughout the mission. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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