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Find the best M13B loadout for Modern Warfare 2 ranked play with this guide.

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) is one of the most popular first-person shooters around and is still being played by huge numbers of players today. Like any game, there are certain loadouts that are more effective than others, and this is especially true in the realm of ranked play.

Overview of the Best M13B Loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play

The M13B is one of the most popular assault rifles in MW2 and boasts a range of customization options. For that reason, you can build a loadout tailored to your individual playstyle and rank up efficiently.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the best M13B loadout for Modern Warfare 2 ranked play. We’ll be discussing the benefits of each item in the loadout and how they can help you rank up faster.

Loadout Items

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  • The Barrel: 14″ Bruen Echelon: The Bruen Echelon barrel is a great choice for the M13B as it offers increased accuracy and aiming stability. The increased accuracy gives you more confidence when taking shots and the reduced recoil allows you to remain on target while shooting.
  • The Stock: Ravage-8: The Ravage-8 stock is a great addition to the M13B as it offers improved recoil management. This is especially beneficial when you are trying to shoot multiple enemies at once, as it allows you to stay on target more easily.
  • The Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin: The FSS Sharkfin is a great choice for the M13B as it provides increased mobility and maneuverability while in combat. This allows you to move around the map quickly and efficiently, which can give you an edge in tight situations.
  • The Rear Grip: Bruen Flash Grip: The Bruen Flash Grip is a great addition to the M13B as it offers increased stability and accuracy. This gives you more control over your weapon and helps you take more accurate shots.
  • The Ammunition: 5.56 High Velocity: The 5.56 High Velocity is a great choice as it offers increased muzzle velocity. This allows you to take down enemies faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of the Loadout

The first part of the loadout is the attachments. For the M13B, the best attachments are the Rapid Fire, Extended Mags, and Laser Sight. The Rapid Fire attachment increases the firing rate of the gun significantly and makes it easier to take down multiple enemies in a short period of time. The Extended Mags increase the amount of ammo that can be carried, and the Laser Sight provides improved accuracy and aiming stability.

The second part of the loadout is the perks. For the M13B, the best perks are Overkill, Cold Blooded, and Steady Aim. The Overkill perk allows players to carry two primary weapons and switch between them, giving them more versatility and options in battle. Cold Blooded makes the player undetectable to UAVs and AI-controlled killstreaks, allowing them to remain off the radar and safe from enemy fire. Steady Aim increases hip-fire accuracy, making it easier to hit targets at close range.

Finally, the last part of the loadout is the equipment. For the M13B, the best equipment is a Tactical Insertion or a Claymore. The Tactical Insertion allows players to quickly redeploy to a safe location, allowing them to escape a bad situation or set up an ambush. The Claymore is a powerful explosive that can be placed in an area to take out multiple enemies at once.

So, if you’re looking for a loadout that’ll help you rank up efficiently, the M13B loadout is the way to go. With the increased accuracy, recoil management, and maneuverability, you’ll be able to outplay your opponents and rank up faster.

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