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The searches are still latent in Minecraft and for this reason we will tell you where to find an ancient city.

What is the ancient city in Minecraft?

This is nothing more than a new area that has been incorporated in this update and that usually has some new features, so it is necessary to know where to find an ancient city because this allows us to enter some interesting and fascinating biomes, we can even get with some new and wild creatures that allow us to work even harder on this game.

Where to find an ancient city in Minecraft?

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    This is a search that leads us to move to Deep Dark where the aggressive mafia called Wardens is usually located, in this case it is necessary to be as careful as possible while we are executing exploration activities in these places, we must be equipped with some projectiles and arrows, with these we will be able to distract the guardians in Minecraft.

    This search to know where to find an ancient city will take us to the Deep Dark cave and to find it we must explore below level zero, it is vital to look for some caves that may exist in advance and can branch out, this opens the doors to find the city ancient, we can use the hidden forests because these can lead us to the caves, we will only follow a hidden vein and in doing so it will take us to a large room.

    Once we know the location of the ancient city, it is necessary to know what it usually has inside, it usually has:

    • Ruined structures.
    • Colored wool.
    • Lanterns that are scattered everywhere.
    • Chests that are hidden and usually contain golden apples, enchantment books, disk fragments, name tags.

    It is only necessary to run this quest and let the imagination run wild, this is a task that is worth as much effort as possible.

    Now that you know where to find an ancient city, it's time to run this quest just for you, Minecraft.

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