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Minecraft has more bugs, let's see How to fix Launcher.

Why is the Launcher not working in Minecraft?

 This is another problem that we get in this game and that prevents us from accessing the game, so it is necessary to know how to fix the Launcher, this taking into account that we are shown an error that tells us "Error starting the game”, cannot copy the file, the system cannot move the file to a different drive.

 Knowing how to fix the Launcher is a necessary task considering that this is a game that has a good number of players, this phallus makes it impossible to access Minecraft, this phallus is usually accompanied by a message that is usually translated more clearly in error 0x803F8001.

 It is necessary to take into account that discovering the cause why this error usually occurs in Minecraft is usually somewhat complex, all the explanations are usually related to the issue that it is not possible to move the file to a different drive and that the Third party services can interfere with the launcher.

 It is good to know that the most recent launcher for this game was the launcher for Minecraft Jave Edition and Minecraft Dungeons, also we need to note that this game must be run on a computer that can have Windows 10.

How to fix Launcher in Minecraft?

 There are several solutions that we can perfectly well avoid and this implies:
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    Choose to restart the computer: this is the first action to be carried out to solve this problem, with this we get a kind of refreshment and therefore we can continue playing normally.

     Adding Minecraft to the safe list of the antivirus: we are still talking about How to fix the Launcher and sometimes the antivirus usually sees the games as malicious files, in this sense, it is necessary to whitelist it to be able to play.

     Download the Launcher from the Microsoft Store – This is another fix that can be applied and has worked for Xbox gamers.

     Choose to run Minecraft with administrator privileges: this is another solution to know How to fix the Launcher and for this we must:


    •  Right click on the Minecraft executable file and proceed to click on Run as Administrator.
    • In the case of having installed mods, it is necessary to eliminate them because they may be causing problems and in this sense, we will have to assign them one by one, this in order to verify the mod that may be causing problems.


     Delete profiles from the launcher: this is another of the solutions that can help us and to apply it, it is necessary to:


    •  Open the file explorer in order to find the Minecraft folder.
    • Inside this folder it is necessary to delete the file “launcher_profiles.json”
    • When this folder disappears, we will open the launcher once again to verify if it has worked.


     Install system updates
    : this is another solution that can be applied and that is not enough.

     Now that you know how to fix the Launcher, it's time to apply one of these fixes and thus continue enjoying Minecraft.

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