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2022-07-25 09:08:50

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In the Minecraft universe we have many tasks, one of them leads us to tell you how to teleport in Minecraft.

What to know about teleporting in Minecraft?

The worlds in this game are quite wide, passing through different types of terrain, with this the transfer can be tedious normally, but with the use of cheats launching a LAN world teleportation is possible, being this a cheat command it is very opportune to have The idea of ​​How to teleport in Minecraft and to help us is that this guide is presented with the following details, let's see them.

How to teleport in Minecraft?

The first thing is that we activate the traps in a new world regarding How to teleport in Minecraft, when starting the game we have to go to SinglePlayer, here we have to create a new world, which takes us to a page with a series of configurations, we have to locate the one to allow cheats to activate it, then again we enter to create a new world, the next thing is to activate the cheats in the world, pressing ESC when playing we access a menu, our option to choose is the Open to LAN configuration, and we must turn the option to allow cheats, now we give Start Lan Word, it should be noted that the achievements in this situation will not count, added to this only those who use the same internet connection can join our world.

When we have activated the cheats it is possible that we enter our world by pressing T or the corresponding one for the chat menu, as for How to teleport in Minecraft what we will do to activate the cheat is to write /tp or /teleporter, the next thing is to enter the XYZ coordinates of the place to which we are going, with the F3 in the Java edition while we choose the coordinates from the configuration being in the Bedrock edition, having these coordinates we must write tp x and z in the chat menu, in case it is necessary to find the coordinates we can use another cheat location command, for this we write /locate, with which we will automatically have some suggestions, among these we choose the reference point to go, we have to remember the coordinates, and then we will use the /TP command regarding the mentioned.
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    If we do not handle the coordinates safely we can use the ~ sign when knowing the address, taking into account that on How to teleport in Minecraft we will start from the use of the command, thus leaving A /TP ~ 50 ~ 50 ~ 50, this will place us with 50 blocks to the east, 50 blocks in the air and 50 blocks south, if we want to do the same for West, Down and North we have to place the sign – where the ~ corresponds to do it, if we want to teleport other players we will use Type /TP [ Username] X Y Z. X Y Z and in case we want to go near another player we type /tp [username].

     Starting from the different situations, it is appropriate to consider the commands that we can use in terms of How to teleport in Minecraft and these are the following:
    •  /tp @a @s: allows all players who are in the world to teleport, where we change the @s with x and z to do so.
    • /tp @p @s: we can teleport to the nearest player.
    • /TP ~ 55 ~: with this, there are no changes in the coordinates, only that we reach sea level at 55.
     To teleport to the wild or the end we have to type Use /execute in dimensionName run tp playername x y z command, where we change dimensionName to Overworld, The_Nether or The_end, adding a Playern name in case of using he commanded for someone else to teleport and we leave it blank if it is us, we must take into account its use only for those of us in Java, while the Bedrock edition requires the creation of portals that allow travel between dimensions.

     Now if we want to do it to a place that does not kill us, we need to add the word true at the end of the command, which allows the execution of a previous test before carrying out the teleportation, said true command only works in the world, the opposite for the change between dimensions.

     Now that you know how to teleport in Minecraft, it only remains to do it to get the most out of this great advantage to move freely in this busy game.

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