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Embarking on a manufacturing process becomes interesting and that is why today we will explain how to make a Minecraft invisibility potion.

What is the invisibility potion in Minecraft?

This is a highly useful item in this game and it has the ability to generate a quick effect for us or for other players and mobs, so it is necessary to know how to make a Minecraft invisibility potion and this leads us to take care of do some particular activities, this considering that doing it can be somewhat complex, especially because it is vital to look for some ingredients that are not very easy to find.

How to make a Minecraft invisibility potion?

  It is necessary to have:

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    • A preparation station to make the potion.
    • Having fire dust: necessary to turn on and get him leads us to take care of defeating Blazes who is usually in the Nether Fortresses and get him to release a bar to inflame you and by taking him to the work table we can turn him into fire dust.
    • Fermented Spider Eye – This is another necessary resource that is usually obtained by making a combination of Spider Eye with a Brown Mushroom and Sugar at the crafting table.
    •  A night vision already prepared.

     Now that we have these ingredients it is necessary to place the fire powder in the left slot of the preparation support, to know that it is on we will see the yellow bar that will fill up, once this has been done it is vital to place the vision potion nocturnal in one of the slots below and then the fermented spider eye in the upper part, then we will see that the right arrow will begin to fill, and it will show us the preparation process indicating that it is underway, once this has finished we must take care of moving this new potion to our inventory.

    In case you are interested in this potion lasting longer it is vital to add Red Stone to it and in case you want it to be able to throw incorporate Bright Stone Dust, also this makes it a splash invisibility potion, this returns to any mob invisible, only that the objects that it has will remain floating in the air.

     This is all you need to know about how to make a Minecraft invisibility potion, just find the necessary ingredients and you're good to go.

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