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2022-07-22 10:38:36

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Minecraft offers us more tasks, let's see How to craft a Minecraft smoker.

What to know about the Minecraft smoker?

This is a block that you can use in a campfire for example in this game and that is nothing more than an advanced version of Furnace, it usually has a certain similarity to that of an oven, only that it has the ability to cook food faster, so that knowing How to make a smoker in Minecraft offers us the possibility of saving time and making our lives much easier.

How to make a smoker in Minecraft?

We must have some resources, and they are:

  • 4 wooden logs.
  • 1 oven.

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    The furnace is usually made by placing 8 cobblestone blocks in each section of the crafting table, except for the center square.

     Now, once we have the four logs of wood and the oven, we must (smoker recipe minecraft):

    •  Open the crafting menu GUI, then we will place the 4 wooden logs in a diamond shape.
    • Next, we will place the oven in the central slot of the grid and that's it.
    • Next, we can see the smoker successfully manufactured, and we can take care of cooking any type of meat.

    Accessing the smoker is an easy task to execute, it is usually similar to the work table, we only have to take care of clicking the right button on Smoker and the GUI will appear on our screen, we will see two slots to place items and place some food that we have gathered as we explore, we place this food in the upper slot, we must also place the appropriate fuel in the lower slot and this can be coal or lava, we proceed to wait until the arrow has filled, and the food is fully cooked to store it in inventory.
    In this sense, knowing How to make a smoker in Minecraft offers us the opportunity to embark on a manufacturing task that can only be done in Minecraft.

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