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Building things is one of the most interesting activities to perform in games, and that is why we explain how to make a Minecraft compass.

What is a Minecraft compass?

This is an artifact that is usually necessary because it usually serves as a guide when we carry out explorations, thanks to it, we can return to our location, so it is necessary to know how to make a Minecraft compass, it is a necessary artifact that usually marks us where we need to go, this compass usually points to the original generation and is usually in the area where we first start creating the world.

How to make a Minecraft Compass?

Making him requires:

1 piece of Red Stone: This is a resource that is usually found throughout the world, it is obtained in levels 15 to 63 of the game more frequently.

4 Iron ingots:
these are usually obtained throughout the world, it is possible to extract them from chests in different structures.

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    Once we have the iron ingots and the redstone dust we will go to a crafting table, here we place the Redstone Dust in the central slot and the iron ingots above, below and on each side of the redstone, then we will move the complete compass to inventory.

    In the case of not wanting to spend the resources to make it, it is possible to exchange it with a librarian villager, this is another option that may be viable.

    Once we have the compass we will see that the red arrow usually turns and usually points to the original generation point of the world, this makes this a very useful tool to return home while we are exploring, it allows us to see the way back to home.

    Note: being in the Nether, the compass needle tends to move constantly.

    This is all you need to know about How to Make a Minecraft Compass, so all you have to do is get involved in a manufacturing process that seems to be crucial.

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