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How to change your Minecraft Gamertag: We show you how to change your Gamertag in Minecraft and you can get it for free!

What is Gamertag?

Gamertag is a unique username in the Minecraft universe that is assigned to a player's profile. It is used to identify the player in different online games and servers. Gamertag is usually the same as the player's username in the game, but if the player wishes to change it, they can do so after signing in to their Microsoft account.

How To Change Minecraft Gamertag?

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If you are using the Bedrock version of Minecraft and would like to change your Gamertag, then you must first sign in to your Microsoft account. Once you have done so, you can go to the Xbox section and access your Xbox profile. On the profile page, click on the Customize option next to your character's avatar. Then, click on the Pencil Icon next to your name. After that, enter a new Gamertag and click on Check Availability. If the Gamertag is available, simply click on the “Change Gamertag” button and confirm your changes for free.

However, if you are using the Java version of Minecraft, you will have to purchase a new Gamertag from the official Minecraft website. The cost for the new Gamertag is 30 days of Minecraft Java Edition subscription. After purchasing a new Gamertag, you can log in to your Minecraft account and enter your new username in the profile settings.
Changing your Gamertag in Minecraft is an easy process that should not take too long. However, the process will depend on the version of Minecraft you are using. If you are using the Bedrock version, you can easily change your Gamertag by signing in to your Microsoft account and following the steps mentioned above. On the other hand, if you are using the Java version, you will have to purchase a new Gamertag from the official Minecraft website.

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