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If you are wondering how to make a terracotta in Minecraft, here we will teach you how to do it easily.

What is terracotta in Minecraft?

It is a brick that can be manufactured in a wide range of colors, which will allow you to generate a real visual interest of your works in the game. Without a doubt, it is a type of block that works for many things, so it is worth knowing how to make a terracotta.

How to make a terracotta in Minecraft?

Some types of terracotta can be found in some biomes in the game, although it can also be crafted using clay.

For example in the badlands' biome you can find brown, red, orange, yellow gray and white terracotta.

In the underwater ruins you can find the light blue terracotta.

Red, orange, and yellow terra cotta can be found in certain villages in the savannah.
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    If you want to avoid having to move from one place to another to find the different colors, the best thing you can do is make these types of blocks yourself. For this you will use clay, a common block that can be found in swamps, rivers and shallow waters. This can be dug up and can only be collected in blocks if you have a shovel enchanted with Silk Touch. In case you do not have the old shovel, you will simply have to place four pieces of clay in a 2x2 grid on the work table, which will give you a block of clay.

    To turn the clay into terracotta, you will need to place the clay block in a furnace with some fuel like charcoal, which will result in plain terracotta blocks.

    To stain the simple terracotta block you will have to follow a process similar to that which you would do with a dying armor, that is, place eight terracotta blocks on a work table, and the middle square places the type of dye to use and the fuel Sure.

    You can also glaze the terra cotta to produce one of sixteen unique blocks, which will depend on the initial color of the block. For this you will have to place the terracotta in the oven with fuel after having stained it.

    Now that you know how to make a terracotta in Minecraft, you can let your creativity fly and do whatever comes through your mind regardless of whether it is something very colorful, because with terracotta you have more than 10 different colors.

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