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Minecraft: How to make books - Tips and tricks

2020-04-28 09:38:03

Minecraft books are not exactly for studying, so we will tell you how to make books and everything about them.

What are books in Minecraft .

This is one of the items you can get and do in the game and it will allow you to do many things including saving enchantments, writing, bookshelves, enchanting tables and more, so it will be useful to know how they are made.

How to make books in Minecraft.

In order to make a book, you will need to obtain two materials, the first and the most obvious is paper and the second is leather.

To make paper you will need to find sugar cane, which you can find on the banks of the rivers and bodies of water in the game, they have a green color and are easy to find. Just hit the cane to break it and pick it up.

For a book you need at least three units of sugar cane.

To make paper you will simply have to place the three sugar canes on a work table horizontally aligned, this will give you three sheets of paper.

The next thing to do is get the leather that you will get from the cows and horses after killing them.

When you have the leather and the paper you will have to go back to the work table where you will place the leather in a corner and surround it with the three sheets of paper, resulting in the book.

 So we come to the end of this quick and very useful article on how to make books in Minecraft, as you may have realized it is quite easy to do and very useful to obtain, so now that you know how to create them, let your mind fly and start inventing with them.

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