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We continue to build in Minecraft, which allows us to tell you how to get your inventory when you die.

What does it take to get the inventory when we die in Minecraft?

This is a necessary action that can be complex enough, and vital to consider invoking it once we die, as you will know at the end we are allowed to write the final rule where we must place “True in order to invoke the inventory, otherwise we will simply be lost.  in such a way that knowing how to get your inventory when you die leaves us with a frustrating task that we must be able to solve.

How to get your inventory when you die in Minecraft?

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    We must bear in mind that there is no possibility of getting both the tools and the inventory to be saved by not invoking the inventory in the Nether, which implies that all the inventory simply disappears which makes it necessary to take care of invoking the "Maintain Command Inventory".

    Knowing how to get your inventory when you die makes us choose to activate the command "Maintain" inventory, it is only necessary to take into account that there may be some restrictions in Miencraft, in which case playing alone this does not usually present any inconvenience, however, doing so In multiplayer, change the landscape because this type of action can be considered a kind of cheat, so that this command usually invokes the world that allows the adoption of cheat codes, and it is usually applied manually.

    In the case of playing on the PC, it is necessary to enable this type of cheat, which implies having an inventory even after dying in Minecraft, in this case, it is necessary to take into account:

    •  Open Minecraft in order to open the game menu.
    • Then it is necessary to touch on "Open LAN" and then you will have to go to "Allow tricks" to proceed to change the button to "ON".
    • Finally touch on "Start LAN World" and that's it.

    In the event that LAN does not work, it is necessary to know how to get your inventory when you die and this implies:

    • You will have to change "gamerule" and from there you will have to go to the chat box.
    • Then you must proceed to write "/ GamerulekeepInventory" to choose to select "True" in the Chatbox.
    • Then you will proceed to press Enter in such a way that now you will have the safe inventory when you die.

    In the case of playing Minecraft on Android, it is necessary to follow the same steps that are usually applied for PCs, except downloading the game from the PlayStore.

    In the case of iPhone it is necessary:

    • Download Minecraft from the App Store and once this has been done, proceed to open the game application in order to locate the chat icon at the top.
    • Then it will be necessary to write in the chat "/ gamerule keepinventory true" and proceed to press Enter so that the inventory is saved, which persists even when you have died.

    In this task, to know How to get your inventory when you die, it is necessary to know the process in case of taking the game on PS4 or Xbox, here the controls do not usually change much, in fact the commands do not change, it is only necessary:

    Click on the D-pad of our controller on the right side and proceed to write "/ gamerule keepInventory true", we proceed to enter and that's it.
    This is all we know about How to get your inventory when you die, in such a way that it is necessary to launch yourself in this task and in this way keep everything you had before perishing in Minecraft.

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