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Minecraft  1.17 has interesting tasks for us, let's see How to get copper.

What is copper in Minecraft?

  This is simply a necessary resource that we get in this game, and thanks to the most recent update, different elements have been incorporated, which makes this type of element very useful, in such a way that we must focus on this type of searches to proceed to give it the respective use.

How to get copper in Minecraft?

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    This search leads us to locate some underground places, on the other hand, we must have a stone pick, as well as a wooden or gold pick, this is usually a necessary tool to carry out the respective extraction, once we get some pieces we must proceed to melt them, this because it is usually a raw resource, and our task is to make some copper bars.


    •  It is possible to count on the enchantment of fortune to make rough copper per block of ore.
    • The touch of silk can be used to catch the mineral block.


     Once we get the copper, we proceed to give it the respective use that is the manufacture of copper blocks.

    •  You need to have a quantity of nine ingots on a crafting table.
    • It is possible to use a stonemason to get a cut variant of the block.
    • As we place the blocks, they tend to age and turn green, so that everything that can be built with them will show its age once enough time has elapsed.
    • If we want to stop this process, simply click with the right button on the blocks.
    • Copper can be used to make objects, the lightning rod is one of them and it usually attracts lightning to it, which can be favorable in constructions, preventing them from catching fire.
    • Another object that we can make is the spyglass that we can use to get closer to what we may be looking at with a reduced field of vision.

     In this sense, knowing How to get copper offers us the opportunity to obtain a very valuable resource in Minecraft.

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