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The construction world does not stop for this reason Minecraft brings more activities to execute, let's see How to find name tags.

What are the labels in Minecraft?

These are a type of object that has been included in this game some time ago, it has managed to be highly sought after by all players because there is the possibility of changing some names to the mobs, the only negative of this is that we must get them because creating them is simply not possible.

How to find name tags in Minecraft?

There are only three ways to get them, and they are the following:

In the loot chests:
For our good fortune this game has some amount of them, but specifically they are usually found in 4 of them.
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    • A 28.3 percent chance of getting them can be found at the Forest Mansion.
    • A 28.3 percent chance of getting these tags can be found in the Dungeon.
    • A 34.3 percent chance of getting them can be found in the buried treasure that is in the bedrock.
    • A 42.3 percent of obtaining them can occur in the Well of the mine.

    In commerce: for this it is necessary to exchange enough with a librarian to such an extent that we will achieve the level of Master Librarian, once we achieve it we are allowed to exchange name tags worth 20 emeralds.

    Fishing: this is another way to get name tags, because while we are fishing, the possibility of catching some treasure arises and this may have a 6 percent chance of getting an identifier, since from there we will have a 1 percent chance of catch a name tag, we can fish in the Sea Luck enchantment because this place can offer us a little more possibilities.

    In general terms, knowing how to find name tags allows us to have the possibility of naming mobs and thus identifying them in Minecraft.

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