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Find out how to make a cake candles in this excellent and explanatory guide of Minecraft.

What to know about the cake candles in Minecraft?

First you have to make a cake, which requires cubes of milk x3, sugars x2, egg x1 and pieces of wheat x3, having the ingredients you have to put them on the craft table, now to make the cake with candles you have to consider the following details, let's see.

How to make a cake candles in Minecraft?

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    You have to press the right button of the mouse on the cows or goats to get the milk cubes, the sugars from the sugar canes or the honey jars, being easier with the canes that are near the beaches, after that We go to the chicken egg and the wheat that is in the villages, and it is possible to grow them through the seeds, when we have all these we are going to make the candles, which requires honeycombs that are in the hives of some biomes such as that of the plains, sunflower plains and flower forests.

    The next thing to get is the rope, this when killing the spiders and destroying the spider webs, it is important to carry a weapon enchanted with looting if we are going to kill them, achieving a better rate of fall with it, now having then the candles, and We will be able to place the cake on the ground and right click to find it on our hot bar, doing the same with the candle will result in a cake with candles, which can be lit with a flint and steel.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to make a cake candles has been useful for you to have fun at Minecraft.

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