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There are already some things about Minecraft Dungeons that you know, but surely you still do not know how to defeat Arch Illager and we will tell you about that.

Who is Arch Illager in Minecraft Dungeons.

Before telling you how to defeat the Arch Illager, you have to know that Arch is the main antagonist of the game, also known for being the leader of the Illagers in the game. He became the Arch-Illager thanks to the power of the Orb Dominance, but earlier he was a misfit Illager who could not fit into a normal Illager society, and found this power within a mountain.

At some point in the game you will wonder how to defeat Arch Illager and since it is not an easy task, we have covered every detail so that you can defeat the Minecraft Dungeons antagonist quickly and without complications.
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    How to defeat Arch Illager Minecraft Dungeons.

    The first thing you have to know about how to defeat Arch Illager Minecraft Dungeons is that this battle will be divided into two phases.

    The first is against Arch Illager himself, it is not complicated, but it can sometimes be overwhelming due to the large number of enemies you will have to deal with.

    During this phase one of his attacks is a discharge of three domain orbs, which will have the ability to deal moderate damage to you. However, it is the shooting speed that you have to take care of the most, since it will make it difficult for you to get closer.

    Try to be cautious when trying to get rid of the mobs that this boss summons so that you do not end up besieged, first he will summon a group of vindicators, which you can easily eliminate being careful, then he will summon a Redstone Golem that you will defeat in the usual way, although this will have more mines.

    Lower Arch's health to the final diamond where he will summon a row of crossbows, where you will use a corrupted beacon to dispatch them as quickly as possible quickly to avoid the Totem barrier.

    After defeating Arch Illager, he will transform into the true final boss of the game, the Heart of Ender, at which point the second phase begins.

    The latter is a giant Enderman with six legs and four very powerful and dangerous attacks.

    The first thing you have to take into account if you want to know how to defeat Arch Illager Minecraft Dungeons in the second phase is that you will have to be careful at all times of the trail of black fire that the boss leaves while walking, since it is a quick way to die.

    In the same way you will have to avoid at all costs arc shells that will cause damage on impact and leave even more dangers on the ground in the form of a very harmful purple fire.

    At one point in the battle, the boss will summon several Ender heads out of the ground that will fire lasers that you will have to dodge while dodging the fire from the ground.

    And when Ender's Heart itself fires lasers in four directions and rotates clockwise, you'll have to stay between the two rays on either side of them to dodge them, being close to the boss is much easier to do, until you manage to finish him off.

    Now that you know how to defeat Arch Illager Minecraft Dungeons, we hope that when you start the first and second phase, you will be clear enough what to do, when, and how so that you can finish this boss as fast as possible.

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