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Guide to learn how to unlock Diablo 2 secret level in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has been criticized for being a fairly short game, but it has much more to offer than meets the eye. But what we don't know is the game - we feature secret missions that keen-eye players can find, as well as a complete secret level inspired by one of the most infamous secret levels of all time. Because of this, we have brought this guide so you know how to unlock the secret level of Diablo 2.

During their first Minecraft Dungeons game, most players will likely encounter one of the secret missions, titled Creepy Crypt.

via Creeper Woods, it's pretty easy to find and chances are it's there to alert players to the existence of secret levels.

The question is how to unlock Diablo 2 secret level?

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    This secret level is named "Moo?" paying homage to Diablo 2's secret cow level. Unlocking it first requires players to win the default game, after which pistons will spawn in the camp.

    These pistons will allow your character to get around the raised drawbridge and lower it for easy access later, thereby opening a new building.

    You must pay special attention to the button, as you must press it to reveal which of the ten hidden runes the player has found, each corresponding to a different level in the game. The portrait reveals clues to players on where to look when searching for runes.

    After finding the ten runes, interacting with the golden button again sends the player to the secret level.

    You must be aware that at this point of the secret level they will face hordes of Mooshrooms. These mushroom-infested cows are typically passive in the original Minecraft, but take a more sinister role in Minecraft Dungeons, relentlessly pursuing the player.

    They are a little tough when it comes to fighting but the rewards they give are very good, that's why you should make sure to bring your most powerful build to this fight.

     With this said about how to unlock Diablo 2 secret level in Minecraft Dungeons the rest should be easier, the only thing you must be prepared for incessant fights. Luck!

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