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Valorant is having many errors, that's why today we are going to tell you How to fix Free Agent Not Working.

What is the Valorant free agent error.

Let's remember first of all that the game was just released a couple of days ago, so it is normal that some errors arise when the players start to arrive and the servers have a heavy load.

The problem is occurring after completing the first five levels of initial missions, where after being completed, players should be rewarded with a new free agent, which does not happen.
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    How to fix Free Agent Not Working in Valorant.

    Just as users have found it impossible to get a free agent, many have not even been able to earn rewards for completing contracts. TO

    In this regard, the developers spoke from their official Twitter account saying that they were already aware of the problems that the game was presenting and are taking actions, for this same reason is that the servers in the APAC and SEA regions even went to a emergency maintenance, so we should have this problem resolved very soon.

      For now this is all there is about How to fix Free Agent Not Working in Valorant, we hope that our article has been of the greatest possible use to you to be informed of what is happening and when the developers solve this and other problems we will be there to tell you what to do.

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