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With our Minecraft Dungeons guide you will learn more about how to beat the Enderman accurately.

Who is Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons?


  It is a mini boss that we will meet on our tour, which is a creature with a slim body, long legs and arms, having around him projecting purple sprites, has different types of attacks and is capable of teleporting when we are In combat, to know how to beat the Enderman, we must focus on the content that follows.
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    How to beat Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons?

    The key for us to come out with victory is that we have to dodge, keeping the distance will allow us to be safe, using arrows or attacks that work at long distances, this enemy wants to prevent us from distancing ourselves from him, therefore he is capable of teleport to our location, it is ideal that when this happens we use a pet summoning object, with which we can distract it, which will give us spaces to attack it, it has very long arms and if it comes close to us, it will want attack us with them, it is possible to dodge by rolling forward if we prevent it in time, only that although we roll it will follow us, the moment we have given it a few blows it will teleport away from us, it is possible to see the health of this enemy on our screen, at the top, which will allow us to know how much damage we have to do to overcome it, we must bear in mind that its bar health disappears the moment it teleports.

     Thus we come to the end of this explanation on How to beat the Enderman, which will allow us to continue progressing in Minecraft Dungeons.

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