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Guide to Learn How to Find Herald Comic book in Fortnite

 Recently, special images of what would be Season 4 according to Epic Games have been revealed. Regarding "The Herald Comic book" this one also appeared in the game and can be found on the Battle Pass screen, sitting on a barrel near the right side. If you don't know who it is and how to find the Herald comic book, don't worry, we'll explain that later.

As for what has been seen of the next season 4 it is seen that it will have a strong inclination to the incredible Marvel universe (but that of comics) so this seems to be the reason for emotion for many followers of said comic strips, so if you are up to date with them you will be fine, if it is the opposite case it is recommended to go read it if you want to avoid possible spoilers of it, starting with the fact that it would seem that Galactus has discovered the universe of Fortnite and has every intention of eat it. Thor, worried about not having time to get everyone to safety, tries to warn us.
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    How to find the Herald comic book in Fortnite?

    The person known as Herald in the Marvel comics is about someone who paves the way for Galactus, finding planets to eat. It seems delightful to Galactus to devour entire planets, drawing energy into himself and maintaining his divine powers and strength.

    In the Thor series, he ends up becoming the Herald of Galactus. This gives Thor a huge upgrade, and Odinson becomes more powerful than he was as the God of Thunder. The reason he did this is because a new problem appeared that brought with it a danger to the universe that was even greater than Galactus, The Black Winter. Thor also hopes to be able to evacuate all of the planets Galactus once to eat using the Bifrost, saving billions of lives.

    On the other hand, avoiding at all costs to reveal much about it, in the recently released Thunder God # 6, Thor ends up killing Galactus upon discovering that the mighty being is actually a servant of Black Winter. Seeing that Thor had been playing a long con, slowly stealing Galactus's power and then using it to destroy the World Eater.

     With this said about How to find the Herald comic book in Fortnite you will be able to locate yourself throughout history and not receive so many spoilers for when the new season is in effect.

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