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Guide to learn how to get the Skin Tart Tycoon in Fortnite

  Epic Games is hosting a Fortnite tournament called the Free Fortnite Cup that will reward winners with anti-Apple skins and other items from their Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite short which premiered earlier this month.

It is a bit ridiculous and exaggerated to create a game based on a legal battle between two giant corporations, it is something that we cannot complain about because there are prizes and rights to compete for, even if you do not care about the related lawsuit. In order to know how to obtain the Skin Tart Tycoon we have created this help guide on the surprises that this event can bring.
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    How to get the Skin Tart Tycoon in Fortnite?

    If you want to obtain this skin, as a requirement you must earn at least 10 points in the Free Fortnite Cup. The tournament will take place on August 28, but the start time will vary by region.

    If you score 10 points during the tournament, you will win the Skin Tart Tycoon after the Free Fortnite Cup ends. You can earn points and increase your score in the Free Fortnite Cup by performing the following actions.

    • -Active time: 1 point for every 3 minutes on BR island.
    • -Eliminations: 1 point per elimination
    • -Victory Royale: 10 points for each Victory Royale

    all you have to do is win a match and get 10 kills or stay alive for 30 minutes. You can reach 10 points by doing a combination of those things.

     Now that you know how to get the Skin Tart Tycoon in Fortnite you will have to compete hard if you want to get the limited real prizes that this popular game can offer you. Luck!

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