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Angel Marquez
2020-08-26 05:26:53

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This time we come back with a Rocket League guide with the main purpose of explaining what all the error codes are about.

What should we know about all the error codes in Rocket League?

 There are 3 kinds of errors that can occur when we find ourselves playing, these are those of authentication, connection to the server and pairing, among the many game possibilities that we will have in Rocket League there is much to know if we come across With any of them, we are going to have the knowledge in this guide about all the error codes very precisely, then let's move on to the following content to help us in this regard

What are all the error codes in Rocket League?

 Among all the error codes, let's see the following:

 Pairing: here we are going to find the most common errors that date back many years in computing, it is possible that we are before server failures or more precisely in the Rocket League version, it can be up to both situations, let's move on to what they are all error codes in this class.
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  • Long wait time online manual, it is error 50
  • Our configurations are no longer compatible with the game server, which will lead us to make the corresponding updates and restart Rocket League, it is error 51
  • The server is at maximum capacity, it is error 52
  • We have our login for a limited time, it is error 53
  • Line service not found, it is error 54
  • Among all the error codes we do not have servers in the game, it is error 55
  • The server is turned off for maintenance, we must be attentive to the announcements on social networks or official pages, it is error 56
  • The server is restarted due to maintenance or errors that stop the game, it is error 57
  • It is not possible to locate the reservation, it is error 58
  • Reservation ended, it's error 59
  • The server and the reservation are not responding, it is error 62
  • At maximum the reservation and the server, it is error 63
  • Not all players are connected, it is error 64
  • The game server has failed at the end of the waiting time to enter the server, it is error 65
  • A change has occurred in the playlist and the search for a partner will be restarted, which will let us know the error game and we have to restart it, it is error 66
  • The connection to the server was terminated, it is error 67
  • It is not possible to contact the server, you have to try again and this will restart automatically, it is error 68
  • The team of the game is complete, so we must wait to join it when leaving someone, it is error 69
  • In a private game it is necessary that we be in it to be able to join, for this our friend must add us before, it is error 70
  • Connection timed out in Rocket League, it's error 71
  • A failure to obtain the security key prevents the connection to the server, it is error 72
  • Failure in the security key that prevents establishing the connection with the game server, it is error 82
  • User has canceled, it's error 83
  • Player privileges are disabled, it is error 84
  • Ranked game ended, disconnect occurred before connection completed, error 85
  • The playlist is wrong, so an automatic restart will be done, it is error 86
  • In this server, cross-play is not available for any of the players, so we have to be sure that network playback is activated, this being one of all the error codes, it is error 87
  • It is not possible to contact the server, the search has failed, we must try again later, it is error 88
  • Joining another game, try later, it's error 89
  • Unable to find game server, try again later, it's error 90


 Connection on the server: among all the error codes, these have to go through the restart of the console to solve them and thus we must be able to continue playing Rocket League again and the errors are the following:


  •  There is a problem in the content so the download does not exist, it is error 40
  • The URL is invalid, it is error 41
  • The connection with the game has been lost, it is error 42
  • Waiting for connection, it is error 43
  • Authentication failure, it is error 44
  • The server is at its maximum limit, it is error 45


 Authentication: among all the error codes that we can find, these have to do directly with the start of the session, so it is necessary to log in depending on the platform on which we are, when doing so it is necessary that we do a restart of Rocket League and we have that the error should disappear, the errors that are presented are the following:


  •  Authentication has failed so startup is not possible, it is error 30
  • Duplicate UID, it's error 31
  • The UID is invalid, it is error 32

 This is how we finish our guide on all error codes, hoping that you can get the best out of Rocket League, a game with many game possibilities.

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