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Angel Marquez
2020-09-04 15:40:55

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You want to know how to get catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers, excellent you are in the right place, here we have covered what you need.

What are the catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers?

  In order to strengthen our team it is necessary that we use this resource, which is responsible for helping us to improve the level slightly of the team, which makes it important that we understand how to get catalysts and in this guide we will cover the answers precisely, let's see what following.
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How to get catalysts in Marvel’s Avengers?

 By means of metal boxes that we can break when attacking them slightly, specifically those that contain the catalysts are identified with an orange orb, if we want to obtain this resource, the boxes that we see with these characteristics are the ones that we will break, another Option is when defeating the enemies, being possible that they come to release them and if so we only have to be close to take it, by doing so we will be able to notice it on the right side of the screen, it also helps us to disassemble some equipment already useless for us and thus obtain resources, remembering that it is something that works randomly, so to luck and we can get the catalysts.

 Now to use it we have to press the touch panel on the PS4, while if we are on the Xbox One it is the View button, and then locate ourselves on the Gear screen, taking the course to choose the resource to use it, on said gear we will find more details in the lower area of ​​this window, having visual of the requirement for an increase in power, we will see the need to have x12 catalysts, having them we must keep the square tight if we are on the PS4 and the X on the Xbox One having thus the gear marked to be able to empower our team.

 Obviously, knowing how to get catalysts allows us to make the necessary improvements to have more fun at Marvel’s Avengers.

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