Daniel Hidalgo
2020-10-19 09:12:57

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This guide will answer what you need to know about how to fix Mario Kart Live poor connection error.

What is Mario Kart Live about.

It is the mixed reality racing video game developed by Velan Studios and distributed by Nintendo. The video game was released just hours ago on October 16, 2020 and is available for Nintendo Switch users.

A few hours after it was released, many users reported encountering an error that prevented them from creating the home as the circuit, and players receive an error message indicating a poor video connection between the kart and the Nintendo Switch, thus If you want to know how to repair the detected poor connection error, then you will find everything about it.
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How to fix poor connection detected in Mario Kart Live.

One of the causes is that there are problems establishing a connection with the game, so the first recommendation is to make sure that your Nintendo Switch is about 5 meters from Mario Kart and avoid that between this distance there are objects that could block the connection .

If the problem is the docked mode we recommend you play with the portable mode which should correct the problem, making sure again that there is no blockage between the kart and the switch.

If your WiFi is not fast enough, we recommend changing your network to a different one or try using the mobile hotspot. Restart your router to internet and WiFi or contact your ISP for technical support.

 So we finish this article on how to fix the poor connection detected in Mario Kart Live, we hope that you have managed to find the right solution as quickly as possible and that you can access the game without problems now that it is starting.