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2020-10-19 09:06:53

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With our Mario Kart Live guide you will learn more about all the unlockable costumes and karts.

What to know about Mario Kart Live?

  For the Nintendo Switch due to the anniversary of the Super Mario Bros we have the arrival of this game from October 16, where it is possible to use the remote control cars, considering some special aspects such as having access to all costumes and unlockable karts, in this way we have that specifically these have to do with the versions of the previous Mario games, to have more details it is necessary that we look at the following list very carefully, let's do it then.

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What are all the unlockable costumes and karts in Mario Kart Live?


 Unlockable Karts:

  •  Ambulance
  • Coffin
  • Adventure buggy
  • Baseball
  • Cattle cruise
  • gentleman
  • Dive driver
  • Soap box
  • The space shuttle
  • Flame Kart Soccer
  • Landship
  • Rocket ship
  • Birthday cake
  • Snow Scooter
  • Sled
  • A great scoop


 The unlockable costumes:

  •  Santa's suit
  • Painter equipment
  • Pirate team
  • Medical equipment
  • Exploration team
  • Construction team
  • The astronaut suit
  • Gold mario
  • Mario Metal
  • Snow suit
  • Swimwear
  • Gentleman's suit
  • Pumpkin costume
  • Chef outfit
  • Construction worker
  • Cowboy outfit
  • Baseball uniform
  • Soccer uniform


 We are before a game that highlights many characteristics of Mario and that will become very popular on the Switch, so there is possibly a lot of content to discover, getting to have more of both unlock options, details can be added as updates come out .

 It is evident that knowing about all the costumes and unlockable karts allows us to have more fun in Mario Kart Live.

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