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Discover Where to take the photo of the terrifying beings in Like a Dragon Gaiden on our website.

In the captivating world of Like a Dragon Gaiden, players are presented with a challenging mission that involves capturing a photo of three terrifying beings. This friendly guide aims to provide you with a detailed step-by-step outline on where and how to take the perfect photo, ensuring that you don't miss any important details along the way.

Where to take the photo of the terrifying beings in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Mission Details: Unveiling the Terrifying Trio

The mission begins when a character presents you with the task of finding and photographing three terrifying beings. These beings include a fire-breather, a lightning-summoner, and a poisonous entity. To successfully complete the mission, you must capture all three beings in a single photograph, along with a giant puffer fish and a dragon riding on clouds. Additionally, the god of thunder should also be visible in the photo. Keep an eye out for on-screen prompts that indicate when a required element is viewed through the camera lens.

 Location: Western Edge of Sotenbori St.

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To embark on this thrilling quest, make your way to the western edge of Sotenbori St. This bustling street provides the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of these terrifying beings. Position yourself so that you are facing eastward, as this angle ensures the best composition and maximizes the potential for capturing all the required elements in your photo.

 Composition Tips: Capturing Fear and Wonder

To create an awe-inspiring photo that truly captures the essence of these terrifying beings, it is important to pay attention to composition. Here are some tips to ensure you capture all the required elements:

  • 1. Ensure all three terrifying beings are in the frame: Carefully position yourself so that the fire-breather, lightning-summoner, and poisonous being are all clearly visible in your composition. Take your time to adjust your position until you can see all three beings in your shot.
  • 2. Include the giant puffer fish and dragon riding on clouds: These additional elements add depth and interest to your composition. Find a composition that allows you to incorporate both the giant puffer fish and the dragon riding on clouds. Experiment with different angles and positions to find the perfect balance.
  • 3. Make the god of thunder visible: The god of thunder plays a significant role in this mission. Ensure that this powerful deity is also visible in your photo. Pay attention to the details and adjust your composition until the god of thunder is in the frame.

Camera Lens Prompt: Ensuring Success

While capturing the required elements may seem daunting, the game provides helpful prompts to guide you. Keep an eye out for on-screen prompts that appear when you view any required element through your camera lens. These prompts will indicate if you have successfully captured specific elements in your photo. Use them as a guide to ensure that you don't miss any important details and to increase your chances of completing the mission successfully.

 Rewards: The Fruits of Your Labor

Once you have successfully taken the awe-inspiring photo, it's time to reap the rewards. Visit the puzzle-solving girl in Stijl Bar, who will reward you with 25,000 yen and 700 Akame Points for completing this mission. These rewards not only serve as a testament to your photography skills but also provide valuable resources to further enhance your journey in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Clearing this mission may seem challenging at first, but armed with the structured guidelines provided in this blog post, you can capture an awe-inspiring photo and complete the mission successfully. Remember to have fun and embrace the thrill of capturing these terrifying beings through your lens. Take your time, experiment with different compositions, and appreciate the incredible world that Like a Dragon Gaiden offers.

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