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2022-02-03 07:49:42

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Today we bring you a Life is Strange guide where we will talk about Take a photo or intervene.

What to know about taking a photo or intervening in Life is Strange?

It is something that comes to represent consequences for the course of history, so depending on the option we go through, different situations occur, to find out if taking a photo or intervening is the right thing to do, let's closely follow the content of this guide below.

What are the consequences of Take a photo or intervene in Life is Strange?

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  • Take a photo: since this is our decision, we have that the photo is related to a confrontation between Kate and David, which would cause Kate to get upset with Max and end up in conflict, a conversation that occurs between them will also be affected in Life is Strange. Both characters mentioned, the consequences is that the fact of convincing Kate will become more complex so that she does not make a decision, but the good thing that this option will bring is that David will be suspended and Max would be getting out of trouble
  • Intervene: If this turns out to be our decision in Life is Strange it will turn out that Kate is going to be grateful to Max, she will also be open to modifying an important decision that is going to be required later in the story which is to keep her from jumping, but what happens is that David will be suspended for something that happens later and will get Max in trouble with Blackwell Academy, not having the photo then David will be blamed for Kate's suicide attempt.

Everything seems to indicate that taking a photo or intervening turns out to be the best option because of the magnitude of the consequences, it is to intervene, this means that we will help Kate, but without the photo Max will not be able to report Nathan and will bear the blame for Chloe in chapter 1, which will cause many inconveniences for this one, it should be noted that the decisions will affect the others that are presented in the game, so we must also highlight our own criteria when deciding.

Finally, now that we know what the consequences of Take a Photo or Intervene are, we can move on to Life is Strange.

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