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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to get fertilizer and feed animals in LEGO Fortnite.

Without a doubt, Lego Fortnite offers you a lot of adventures that makes players fall more and more in love with the story and its gameplay. As you continue to advance in the game, you will find quite useful and indispensable resources that will help you continue continuing without much problem along the way and fertilizer is one of these.

Although, when we talk about constant supplies, these are usually quite difficult than they seem, which makes agriculture considered a waste of time, however, with fertilizer, the story changes, since it is quite easy to find if you know the exact places to look. If you have no idea what these places are, don't worry, since here we explain everything you need to know about it. What are you waiting for? Join us and find out.

How to get fertilizer and feed animals in LEGO Fortnite

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Fertilizer Collection:

  • Target Friendly Farm Animals: Focus on docile herbivores like cows, sheep, and chickens. These creatures leave behind fertilizer as they graze. Avoid aggressive animals like wolves and boars, as they won't provide this resource.
  • Locate Animal Pastures: Search grassy plains and meadows. These regions serve as natural habitats for these friendly farm animals.
  • Observe and Collect: Animals in LEGO Fortnite leave behind fertilizer droppings at regular intervals. Simply wait around a group of animals, and these droppings will appear on the ground. You can then collect them using the designated action button. 
  • Enhance Production: While not strictly necessary, feeding animals with pumpkins, corn, or raspberries can accelerate their digestive process, leading to a quicker production of fertilizer.

Animal Feeding:

  • Dietary Needs: Animals in LEGO Fortnite are herbivores. They will readily consume any fruits, vegetables, or vines you provide. Avoid offering meat-based items.
  • Feeding Techniques: Stand near your chosen animal and drop the desired food item into its inventory. The animal will then consume the food.
  • Taming Benefits: Consider taming animals and housing them in barns.  Placing food within the barn will allow them to eat at their leisure, ensuring a consistent supply of fertilizer for collection.

This is everything you need to know about How to get fertilizer and feed animals in LEGO Fortnite, following this guide it will surely be easier for you to get this valuable resource for your adventure, while at the same time you will become more interested in the game's agriculture. and enjoy the incredible experiences and adventures that Lego Fortnite has to offer you.

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