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Last Oasis: How to get bone splinter resource

2020-04-06 16:39:04

We have made a Last Oasis guide for you where we plan to explain how to obtain the bone chip resource

How is Last Oasis presented to us?

 First of all it is good to be clear that this game is set in a nomadic life of a post-apocalyptic world, where we will have to go from one oasis to another and this implies a number of kilometers, so it becomes a very long adventure but that allows us to get the opportunity to grab a number of things, where crafts and resource gathering are the epicenter.

How to get bone chip resource in Last Oasis?

 It is good to know that the bone splinter must be harvested with a pick or ax, so these elements are quite necessary when we are hunting, as it is usually achieved with some regularity quite close to the entrances of canyons and valleys, as they are presented to us. Like bones in the ground, we can see them again like huge tusks similar to those of a mammoth, what is evident is that we can easily see them when we move around these sides.

The locations mentioned above are not the only ones that we will be able to see about our objective, since there are some creatures whose resemblance to monkeys presents some similarity, only obviously they will not let us do things with ease, because we will see the Rupus that can become a great threat that could be lethal, so let's think carefully about what to do before proceeding to face this type of creatures, because although they can only be armed with a wooden stick, it has the ability to give us a hard time.

 There is the possibility of achieving the fall of the Rupus bone chip, but although it sounds a bit complex and contradictory, it is good to emphasize that the creatures that seem weakest are precisely those who drop these splinters the least, but these creatures are not precisely the ones chosen to get these bone chips because of the complexity but if there is the possibility of getting some settlement of these dead and there are bones, then welcome, because the chips will allow us to make some necessary weapons and armor.

 With this we have come to the end hoping that the information about How to obtain the bone splinter resource will be very useful and you can already get it yourself in Last Oasis, to prepare completely well to enjoy the adventure.

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Donkey Crew, Donkey Crew Sp. z o.o.

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