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Last Oasis: How to find water

2020-04-06 16:20:45

This time we come back with a Last Oasis guide, aiming to explain how to find water.

What is the water in Last Oasis?

Throughout the game water is a vitally important resource, food is not present, our only concern is the supply of water if we want to stay alive, for this we must make trips between oases, to know how to find water, we will follow the content of this guide, let's go ahead to have the answers.

How to find water in Last Oasis?

 Thanks to the fruit of the meat of a cactus it is possible to obtain water, the harvest of this meat is possible by hitting the cactus with the indicated tool and then picking it up, with a fire it is possible that we cook the cactus meat, which allows the water of this, then we can save it in our bottle, dragging it and it falls into the hot tap icon of our HUD, the cactus fruit we are going to collect from the top of those cacti that are in the highest in the game, aloe is another plant that we can harvest and with which we will also get water, a small plant that has multiple leaves growing in clusters around the map.

With the construction of a treading station we can carry out a production of water, starting from Aloe, cactus fruit and cactus meat, aloe gives us 3 waters, fruit 12, this will consume more time than a campfire, only the best way is by harvesting these fruits to get water, the cost of the treading station is 25 fragments, it takes 45 firewood, 10 Rupu Vine, 20 Stones and 4 wooden shafts to complete the construction. In addition, we have the `possibility that the contaminated water that we can find on the map, we can purify it with a campfire and the sand as use, the storage of water is complicated, we have to unlock the improvised recipe in the equipment of 3, being necessary 5 fibers and 5 woods to make a bottle, it is ideal that we make a few, so that we are always well supplied with water.

 In this way we come to the end of this guide on How to find water, hoping that it will be very useful to continue advancing in this adventure that represents Last Oasis.

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