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Knockout City: How to catch more balls

2021-04-06 09:49:07

Knockout City has managed to occupy us and this makes it pertinent to explain how to catch more balls, let's see.

What is the purpose of catching more balls in Knockout City?

This game has been in charge of keeping us as busy as possible, in this sense it is usually necessary to choose to catch more balls and in this way get to throw the enemies, the fight here is a constant where protecting ourselves from the thrown balls is usually a task necessary.
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    How to catch more balls in Knockout City?

    It should be noted that this is a task that does not have greater complexity, however, it is necessary to consider having synchronization to execute it, in this sense it is necessary to choose to practice to do it well, and this implies:


    •   Choosing to pull the L2, LT or ZL left trigger (depending on the console we use), before the ball can connect with us, this avoids taking damage as well as allowing us to reload ammunition.
    • Pulling the left trigger allows us to position ourselves to catch the ball for a fraction of a second.
    • It is necessary to ensure that the ball can enter in this short time because not doing so leaves us exposed to receiving damage.
    • Overuse of the trigger can put us in danger.
    • It is feasible to practice in the operations center before executing this action.


    Now that you know how to catch more balls it is time to try it and tell us how you are doing in Knockout City.

    Microsoft Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 PS4, PlayStation 5 PS5, Xbox One , Xbox Series X/S
    Velan Studios
    Release date:
    May 21, 2021
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