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John Wick Hex: How to Reload - tips and tricks

2019-10-09 15:35:20

If you were wondering how Reload in John Wick Hex, do not worry because in this guide we have everything covered.

What is John Wick Hex about?

This is the action and strategy video game based on the John Wick movie franchise. The video game was developed by Bithell Games and premiered only a few hours ago on October 8, 2019 for PC and MacOS users.

The developers have managed to maintain several iconic characteristics of the movies in the video game, such as the mechanics of Reload, which despite being somewhat iconic, it is necessary to know how it works to do well in the video game.

How Reload in John Wick Hex?

During the first missions of the game you will not be able to load your weapon many times, because at first you will not carry many ammunition with you, so it is also a reason to use them wisely.

For Reload you will have to search where your weapon and the current ammunition are displayed in the lower right part of the game screen. As long as you have enough ammo to make a Reload, the button to do so will be highlighted.

Find the ideal time to do it, avoid doing it while the enemy is attacking unless it is the last option, so look for opportunities to stagger enemies.

It will not be complicated, you just have to practice and understand the mechanics.

We hope that our guide on how Reload in John Wick Hex has been very useful for you so that you can move forward quickly in the game now that it has been released.

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