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Indivisible: How to beat Kala - tips and tricks

2019-10-09 15:01:51

 Indivisible is an easy game to play for the moments, but there are fights before bosses a little difficult, in this guide we will tell you how to beat Kala.

As you can see Indivisible in most of the game is easy to advance, however there is a boss named Kala that is difficult to destroy, but there is a trick that will help you, however it is a little complicated to solve, this is because you don't have to use a skill very often in the game, here we will tell you how to beat Kala the final boss of the game.

How to defend against Kala in Indivisible

In the battle of the final boss of Indivisible we have two different phases in the fight, which you have to finish if you want to be victorious, it's good to know that Kala has eighteen health bars that you have to eliminate if you look for the way of how to beat Kala. In order to defend yourself from it the first thing you have to take into account is that you have to avoid their punch attacks, it will be a very difficult way that covers the whole screen, unfortunately there will be no way to dodge them or block them.

However you have two options to dodge these attacks, one of them is using your Divine Wheel move to stop shooting, but as it takes time to run it we do not recommend it because it also makes your health drop. The second and most recommended option is the blockoperfect, but you have to press the block button just at the time indicated so that you can successfully block their attacks.

If you see some green numbers means that you have done it correctly, it is not very easy to do so it requires some time of practice, you have to be sure to land on the ground and then you must press the attack button and properly using your fists as a forward defense, we recommend you to be on the ground to make everything easier, now is the time to know how to convince Kala.

How to beat Kala in Indivisible

Following the instructions given above of defense, it's time to know how to beat Kala, if you succeed in blocking it correctly, it's time to jump and hit it, but don't last too long hitting it because it would make it more difficult for you to block their attacks, the ability of SkySplitter or using up and triangle or Y according to your platform, help you to get a good impulse to be in the air and execute good blows, is also good a World Splitter movement using down and triangle or Y, siaplicas this you are going to be hit against the ground so that you can then block and attack it, it is not something easy so have patience.

When Kala sucks you after receiving damage you immediately press the attack buttons in Indivisible, no matter the order in which you do it you only have to do it as fast as possible, if you don't get to make this attack you want for dead. If you are victorious, throw yourself at her in the RPG normal combat, this is an element for you to be healed by one of your support characters.

You have to repeat the steps until her eighteen health bars are completely eliminated. The next step of how to defeat Kala is essential, once you eliminate all her health you will hear a dialogue of Kala, from that moment she will begin to dive into a very strange vacuum, you have to be very attentive in that moment and prevent this from happening, you have to enter your Inner Kingdom, otherwise you will be absorbed by it, to do so you only have to press the button Circle or B according to your control, then press up on the D-pad, if things do not go well, unfortunately you will have to continue your fight until you achieve.

When you have done this perfectly in Indivisible defeating Kala, you will move on to the final phase, in which you will have the option of how to defeat Kala completely, remember that we are talking about two phases, the latter is easier, all you have to do in this phase is block their attacks to win the battle, you don't need to attack her, don't despair in the victorythis may take a considered time accompanied by several attempts, if you do it correctly everything will go well taking into account that this phase is much shorter, keep doing it and in a short time you will have completely eliminated Kala and won the game.

Thanks for always being with us, we hope our guide has been helpful in Indivisible, now you know the correct tricks of how to beat Kala, do not forget to follow all our instructions here if you want to emerge victorious and avoid being in this fight forever.

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