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Our guide to iOS 14 today takes us on how to disable pinpoint location.

What will I know about the precise location in iOS 14?

It is necessary to understand that a large part of the iPhones that have iOS 14 are focused on the issue of privacy, in fact, knowing how to disable the precise location is part of those necessary and feasible functions that we have and that we can perfectly adjust when We consider it necessary, so sharing our location can be a matter of our choice, as this in a way makes a difference because today smartphones collect location data, which in itself collects some information :

  • Take care.
  • State.
  • District.
  • Street.

How to disable a precise location in iOS 14?

This is a very delicate matter because our exact location should not be anyone's subject, let alone ourselves, however, this does not necessarily occur in this way, because technology has allowed there to be different options for tracing, making different options for tracking it is violated, luckily, in iOS 14 it is possible to make some adjustments, although this does not mean that the precise location will be completely blocked, since there is the possibility that it will indicate some approximation, but it will be confusing in the same way because deactivating the application will not provide the correct location.
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    Disabling the precise location allows the application not to know where we are and to achieve this it is necessary:

    • Open the "Settings" application.
    • Go to privacy and press in order to open it.
    • Then we must click "location services", here we check that it is activated.
    • Once this has been verified we will be able to observe the applications that have permission to use the location.
    • We click on an application that we consider favorable to deactivate the precise location.
    • When we see the option "Precise location" we realize that it is activated by default.
    • To finish it is only necessary to press on the switch and deactivate the function.

    Now that you know how to disable a precise location, you have the possibility to make use of your iPhone device with iOS 14 with peace of mind and security, give it a try.

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