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With our iPhone guide you will learn more about How to turn off Siri Suggestions.

What are Siri Suggestions in iPhone?

It is one of the functions that allows interaction on our Apple device, with which it is possible to make recommendations focused on contacts, maps, applications and more, during each occasion in which we perform a search, there are many things that we can want to ignore and this may lead us to the need to deactivate these suggestions, also considering the possible customization to show us what is of interest to us, certainly the anonymous credentials of those we do on our device will accumulate, so it is appropriate to know how to Turn Off Siri's suggestions and for the precise details let's move on.
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    How to disable Siri Suggestions in iPhone?

    What we will do is eliminate the suggestions sections for us, a fact that does not affect the use of Spotlight at all, to deactivate the Siri suggestions what we will do is look for the corresponding application on our device and enter in general, here we find the option called Spotlight search, here we enter, and we will click on the corresponding button to deactivate Siri suggestions, in the end we just exit and check that the deactivation has been correctly carried out in our iPhone.

    From now on our device the Spotlight will not have the contacts, location, applications and news that had to do with the suggestions page, in case we want to enable this function again we only do the same solution to How to deactivate Siri suggestions, but only we will change the button has turned on in our device.

     We hope that this information on How to Turn Off  Siri suggestions has been very useful for the use of your iPhone device.

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