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Today we decided to take a walk around these sides to talk to you about Instagram and the possibility of knowing how to verify your account

 Achieving a verified account is everyone's goal, and this seems like a simple icon but usually takes on considerable importance, especially based on the possibility of following the celebrities to whom we see their verified account. For some it is useful to have this blue icon in our profile, so beware because here we explain how to verify your Instagram account.

Why verify the Instagram account?

 Knowing how to verify your account is simply essential, as this makes a difference, thereby allowing us to achieve a profile that is authentic enough, and it is not precisely that there is a need to be famous, because there are people who are not famous but have an account verified, it is valid and it is the most ideal, in addition there are accounts of some brands or simply stores, these are usually verified also since by these means it is possible to sell and promote, it tends to be much more favorable when people see that it actually exists Because it has some support, it is there where the need arises to know how to verify your account, targeting a real account.

What are the requirements to verify your account at Instagram?

 There are some necessary requirements but perhaps the most influential is the mobility you have on the platform, the number of followers you have and the continuous use of Instagram, this is generally vital, but apart from them there are some necessary requirements to know how to verify your account. and these are:
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 Ideally, the profile you consider requesting to verify is a real person, if it is a company, the most logical thing is that it is registered, this gives it more credibility

 The number of Followers.

 One of the fundamental requirements is the number of followers you have, normally the company does not talk about a certain number of followers to verify the account, even when it has an estimated 100,000 followers, but this in some way also influences the movement that you give to the account and the authenticity of the profile in Instagram.

 The profile.

 There are two different profile options, a unique profile that simply represents you or, failing that, the company you are representing. On the other side is the full profile where there is already some more additional information, which may include TikTok, publications, ratings, anyway.

 Account type.

 Knowing how to verify your account allows you to consider what type of account you have, and this can be done by reviewing the profile settings, there are two types, "creator profile" and "business profile", each one has its specific characteristics and depends on you Choosing the one that suits you best or rather is that it can best be useful to you, what if it gets a little uphill is that your normal user can accept a verification but we do not lose trying.

 How to verify your account in Instagram?

  •  The first thing you should consider is to comply with the requirements mentioned above, then proceed to execute an account verification request and for this it is necessary to go to the menu above and press settings.
  • Then you must go to the Account subsection, there you will get several options of account type that can be used as a section, to proceed to Verification and enter there.
  • The next thing we will see is a form, it is necessary to fill it with the information requested by Instagram, and it will even be necessary to attach a photo of the identification document you have, this in order to proceed to verify your identity.
  • Finally you must proceed to send the respective request, since the team of this platform will be in charge of carrying out the corresponding analysis.

 Note: it is ideal that before sending the request you try to maintain constant activity in the account, it would also be great if you carry out surveys, publications and activities that indicate some type of mass audience, this will serve a lot at the time of verification, because knowing how Verifying your account depends to a large extent on account movement.

How long does the account verification process take at Instagram?

 Normally this is a fairly fast process, since it takes a maximum of 72 hours, but it is possible to achieve it in less than 24 hours, we must choose to be patient, and comply with all the necessary requirements, because knowing how to verify your account deserves some very specific. Now, if your profile is limited to family and close friends, the best advice is to forget about having a verified account, since it is necessary to have a considerable amount of followers or at least it is what all those who have achieved it, are famous or no, on this platform being influential is crucial.

 Some people consider that reaching 10,000 followers should be enough, unfortunately we must confirm that this is not the case, since the company seems to consider that they are very few and although it has not been entirely clear, it has a certain established goal, which is around 100,000 like minimum, now if you have more, take advantage of and carry out this process that in reality does not take long and it is possible that you can get some benefit from it, since today the platforms are not only used to make friends and chat, it has other potential functionalities .

 In one way or another, knowing how to verify your account requires its popularity on the web to a greater extent, since it is a criterion that Instagram has managed to make essential, and we cannot simply change those parameters, only adapt.

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