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Saber How to download free books is an increasingly wide option for people and in Amazon Kindle it is possible to do it, let's see.

Is it possible to get free books with Amazon Kindle?

Of course, yes, and it has become quite common today due to a large part of the population has electronic book readers, leaving paper in the past, because digital books have become more comfortable, since there are no It is even more convenient to walk around with a whole device, which can be achieved with Amazon Kindle without having to cancel, so prepare a saber How to download free books.

Why download free books on my Amazon Kindle device?

Nowadays Amazon Kindle devices have become quite interesting for reading lovers since it is more comfortable to take them, and use them wherever we are, but there are people who are experiencing their use and probably do not have knowledge about how to download books free even when this can be straightforward and what some may get tangled up in.

It is important to know that some platforms such as Amazon sometimes make books available having a value of 0 euros, this means that it is free and it is there where it will be necessary to start using the Amazon Kindle application to download it directly or simply send it to the PERSONAL COMPUTER reader .
Offers are not usually given from time to time, so keep an eye on the review and for this you need to know how to download free books, because we do not know at what specific times an interesting offer arises and it is ideal to have the opportunity to download the book Sometimes they can be to entertain us, other times to inform us, or to learn something new, because there is freedom and phenomenal texts, it is an advantage to get a huge variety of free books for all tastes.
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How to download free books with Amazon Kindle?

  • Learning how to use the device is not complicated but it turns out to be a useful tool and more when we learn how to download free books, so let's see how to do it here:
  • The first thing we will do is access from our screen of the Amazon Kindle device and for this it is necessary to touch on the main screen a box that says "Search", at the top right.
  • Then we proceed to write the name of the book that we want to download, at the bottom of the box and place Search by placing the name of the book in everything.
  • There it is possible to see that there is an upper section that is empty in the library of both the kindle device and Amazon and one at the bottom of the Kindle Store there it is necessary to touch "see all".
  • Then we are provided with a complete list we just have to touch on which book we want, noting that it is cost is 0 euros and we touch "buy free".
  • Knowing how to download free books in quite easy, now we have left to read it, we will be available in our library, it is also possible to continue acquiring more books, then we can continue browsing the Amazon Kindle store and choose to continue buying.

The house icon on our device takes us to the main screen, easy right?

How to send a free book to our kindle from Amazon on PC, Tablet or Mobile?

Knowing how to download free books is a fairly simple task, but we can add the possibility of sending books from Amazon Kindle, when we are on other different devices, by contacting the possibility of downloading it on the web and sending it to the kindle device easily.

  • You need to access the book that interests us on Amazon.
  • Proceed to explicitly select the kindle version.
  • Go to the right section, where we will see an orange button and place Send to, then we will search for the device and select it.
  • Then we tap on the Buy 1-click button and proceed to wait for confirmation.
  • In a matter of seconds we will have a layout of our book and it will be ready to read on any device that contains the Amazon Kindle application.

It is important to be clear about some details such as:

  • The link between kindle and Amazon is achieved by putting the configuration data starting in configuration.
  • Then you need to go to all the settings
  • Then we move to My account and proceed to modify the name.
  • The connection of our kindle.
  • It is vital to be connected to synchronize.
  • This requires a configuration.
  • Then I'll go to All settings.
  • Next to Wireless connection because it works with WiFi.
  • Finally avoid flight mode.

In this sense, knowing how to download free books allows us to adapt to other contexts in a changing world, and today Amazon Kindle presents us with a golden opportunity that we cannot miss.

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