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Indivisible: How to Heal - tips and tricks

2019-10-08 16:02:19

Now players have a unique role-playing game called Indivisible, in this guide we will tell you how to heal after facing enemies.

The game Indivisible works in platforms as a role-playing role in turns, in this small game you must face enemies while you are playing, the duration of the battles will depend on your attack skills, so taking care of your health will be the main element to emerge victorious, for this reason you should know the way to restore your health.

How to heal in Indivisible

Unfortunately when you are facing an enemy there is no way to escape the battle, because you will have to face it with two win or lose options, the battles in Indivisible are very durable, for the reason that the enemies you face have very good health, that is the reason why you take care of your health, here we will tell you some ways to do it.

Your ability to heal in health will depend on the character you have in your group, but Ajna has the ability to restore your health when necessary, and as an advantage she will always be on your side. If you have a health indicator, when you are under only you must press the L1 R1 or LB RB buttons depending on your case, in this way you can use your Ajna focus ability to heal.

It is important that you keep in mind that each of the characters in your group has their own approach to healing, apart from Ajna there is also Ginseng and honey, this can restore the entire group using the standard healing attack only once, another of the characters Healing Thorani, this has several indirect forms of healing, this leaves puddles on the ground whenever he is successful in his attacks or blockages, his puddles will harm enemies and heals his friends. Another way to heal yourself with Razmi, but this can only be cured using your special attack as long as you use the Iddhi meter.

Thank you for being here, we hope that our Indivisible guide has clarified your doubts about how to heal, and you have several options, we recommend Ajna, however it is not bad to have another option, it is not known at what time we need it .

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