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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-21 01:25:02

More about: Horizon Forbidden West

We're going on a quest through Horizon Forbidden West to tell you where to find all signal towers.

What does finding all signal towers in Horizon Forbidden West entail?

  Simply, entering a search to find a total of 6 towers, so that knowing where to find all the signal towers makes things easier for us considering that it is vital to climb them in order to rescue signal lenses, at first they do not seem have greater utility, however, these are vital when we tackle the mission called "Sunsignals" in this sense, let's not wait any longer and see what there is to do.

Where to find all signal towers in Horizon Forbidden West?

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Dawn Lens: This is usually found near where we first entered at the top of the map, it is usually located in a tower that is destroyed at the beginning of the region, it is only necessary to take a look above to see the map reference for the lens .

Dawn Lens: we continue in the search to know where to find all the signal towers and we continue in the same region of the previous lens, only we have to take a look at the path on the left and look up to make the reference to the map for the respective lens.

Midday Lens: to find it in Horizon Forbidden West we must go to the other side of the river and move to the left where we will see it, we only look up to see the reference on the map, it is usually located exactly in a tower that is close to Chainscrape.

Afternoon lens: we continue the tour to know where to find all the signal towers, sun that in order to reach this one in particular it is vital to accept the mission that is called "The path of twilight", this, as long as we have completed the mission called "The Bristlebacks", in addition to clearing the valley of Bristlebacks, once we have completed this mission we are allowed to climb the mountain in order to see a priest who apparently has seen better days, so that it makes it necessary to take care of climbing the tower in order to find a piece of the machine, at the top of the tower we are allowed to get the lens only that it is buried in rubble, then we look up to see the reference on the map .

Afternoon Lens 2: we continue the search and for this particular lens to be part of the "Signs of the Sun" mission, to search for it it is vital to have approached the gates of the Forbidden West, we will see that on top of the cliffs there is a woman that requires help because her guide has fallen into the void, this woman tells us about the lens and when she takes it she will buy it for a reasonable price, after that we just look up to see the reference on the map.

Twilight Lens: we continue the search in Horizon Forbidden West and it becomes necessary to go to the path, for this we must do it from the hunting ground of this region and as soon as we have completed the Sun Signs mission we must follow the indications that the map shows us to go straight to the lens.

 Now that you know where to find all the signal towers, it's time to do this quest and thus continue progressing in Horizon Forbidden West.

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