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2022-02-20 20:29:29

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Today we bring for you a Horizon Forbidden West guide in which we will tell you about where to find squirrel hide and bone.

What to know about squirrel skin and bone in Horizon Forbidden West?


This is something necessary for the manufacture of resources and parts that come to serve for our various improvements, which is not something new because it was seen in the previous installment, certainly in the wide open world we can access different things to work it with crafting, in this instant it is ideal to know where to find squirrel  hideand bone, so we must follow this content that is presented below.


Where to find squirrel hide and bone. in Horizon Forbidden West?

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 The normal thing is that we look for the squirrels to marry them, for each of them that we kill we will add skin or bone in Horizon Forbidden West, we just have to loot their bodies, the problem is where to find squirrel hide and bone., because it is not something simple to achieve, because the squirrels are skilled and small, so getting lost of sight is easy, when we have more open world we can have a better chance, this having progressed to The Daunt near Chainscrape, a perfect area to find the squirrels and in turn improve level.


When we have reached this area in Horizon Forbidden West we have to use our approach to look for the squirrels that will be within the area, with our bow we can kill them or with any other option, then as to where to findsquirrel hide and bonethe following is to approach the dead ones to loot them, taking the resource we are looking for, we have to add from both, both skin and bone, then we have to dig them up to get it, in the case of the use of these resources we have that they are for several things, for the bone we can improve our bag of traps and with a couple of skins we will do the same with that of potions, they are improvements of great importance for our performance, something that we will use very often in our long way.

In this way we finish our Horizon Forbidden West guide, now you know where to find squirrel hide and bone, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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