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Discover Where to Find Floating Ice Creams in Honkai Star Rail amidst the enchanting.

Hello, fellow Honkai: Star Rail players! Are you on a quest to obtain the Third Cone's Charm achievement by Where to Find Floating Ice Creams in Honkai Star Rail? Well, look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the vibrant and bustling locations where you can find these delectable treats scattered throughout Golden Hour.

Where to Find Floating Ice Creams in Honkai Star Rail

Golden Hour: A Dreamy Locale

Golden Hour, located in Penacony, is a dreamy and popular locale known for its lively atmosphere, bustling shopping stalls, charming ice cream shops, and SoulGlad sellers. This vibrant dreamland is the perfect backdrop for your sweet adventure.

Finding the Floating Ice Creams:

Embarking on your sweet adventure begins with a journey to Golden Hour. Once there, you'll find the Floating Ice Creams spread across different spots within the area, with some located in F1 and others in F2. Let's dive into the breakdown of where you can track down these delightful Floating Ice Creams:

  • 1. Sweet Corner Space Anchor: A charming spot where you can find a delightful selection of Floating Ice Creams to kickstart your quest.
  • 2. SoulGlad Food Truck: Indulge in the sweet treats offered at the SoulGlad Food Truck, where you'll find a variety of flavors to tantalize your taste buds.
  • 3. Aideen Park Space Anchor: Explore the dreamy environment of Aideen Park and uncover the hidden delights of Floating Ice Creams waiting to be savored.
  • 4. Oti Mall Space Anchor: The Oti Mall Space Anchor is another hotspot where you can satisfy your cravings with the scrumptious Floating Ice Creams on offer.
  • 5. Dreammerse Shopping Street: Take a stroll through the enchanting Dreammerse Shopping Street and discover the joy of finding Floating Ice Creams amidst the bustling atmosphere.

Exploring Other Treats and Beverages:

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While you're on your quest for the perfect scoop, don't miss out on trying SoulGlad, the beloved beverage of the dreamland. You can find other flavors of SoulGlad in various places within Penacony, adding an extra layer of delight to your culinary adventure. Additionally, if you're craving more dreamy delights, be sure to check out Sweet Dreams Soda in Xianzhou Luofu for another tantalizing treat to complement your ice cream indulgence.

Achieving Success:

To conquer the challenge and earn that coveted Third Cone's Charm achievement, timing is crucial. You'll need to savor nine Floating Ice Creams at once while ensuring there's no significant gap between each indulgence. Fear not – teleportation is at your disposal to make your journey even sweeter, allowing you to navigate seamlessly and maximize your enjoyment of the sweet treats.

Armed with this guide, you're now equipped to embark on Where to Find Floating Ice Creams in Honkai Star Rail. Whether you gather your friends or venture forth solo, get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and achieve greatness in Honkai: Star Rail! Happy exploring and happy snacking, fellow adventurers! May your journey be filled with joy, delicious treats, and the sweet taste of success.

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