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Angel Marquez
2021-01-21 14:58:56

More about: Hitman 3

We continue talking about Hitman 3 and therefore we consider telling you How to talk to Al-Ghazali Assistant

Where to get Al-Ghazali's assistant in Hitman 3?

The arrival of this game has got us to be attentive because the action continues and this precisely makes us have to know how to speak with the Al-Ghazali Assistant, for this we must enter the atrium which is the area where it is located, however, It is vital to understand that we have two different options to reach it, whatever option we take takes us to the assistant to whom it will be important to meet and hold a conversation.
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How to talk to Al-Ghazali's Assistant in Hitman 3?

This is a task that makes us choose the option that is most favorable to us or that is only convenient at the moment, because at the end of everything we only have to be clear about one objective and that is to talk with the assistant, how we do it is ours Problem, the important thing is to reach this assistant and as soon as we achieve it, he will take us to the meeting room, where we take a seat and wait for Carl Ingram to make an appearance, as he will be the one who gives us our next task.


  •  Get rid of the weapons in the garbage can: to enter the atrium we must be unarmed, for this we throw them into the garbage can without the guards being able to realize it, there is no need to worry about them because later we will have them back. When we are entering we will be checked by the guards and as there is no danger they will let us pass.
  •  Generating a distraction for the entrance guards: The previous option is the fastest to carry out, however, there is the possibility of taking this other option and for this it will be necessary to generate a distraction, for this it is important to distract a guard that is in the room that is inside and for this we can throw something on the opposite side, so that the sound will alert it, because if we do not do it, it can see us when we cause the distraction of the door, by pressing the alarm button fires that chose to distract the guards, and it is there where we can silently sneak in, and in this way walk in the direction of the atrium to reach our goal.

 This is all we can tell you about How to talk to Al-Ghazali's Assistant, since it is a task that when completed allows us to receive another work mission in Hitman 3 and in this way take advantage of the game.

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