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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-21 14:40:08

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Now that Hitman 3 has just been released it will be good to know how to access the interior of Mr. Fernsby's office and luckily, we have you covered.

Why access Mr. Fernsby's office in Hitman 3?

It is not a whim of the players, you will really have to access Mr. Fernsby's office on the Dartmoor level. Mr. Fernsby is the estate's butler, and his office is a site of interest for the murder mystery as part of the Mission Story called Means, Motive, and Opportunity.

In his office you can find three clues, Zachary's Half Burned Journal from the fireplace, Mr. Fernsby's list and pills, as well as the Dartmoor skeleton key that will allow you to open any door on the Dartmoor estate.
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How to get inside Mr. Fernsby's office in Hitman 3?

In order to open the door of his office you will have to use an iron bar, there is one outside behind the house near the Greenhouse, on a table outside the greenhouse. When you have the bar, you will have to go back to the office and break the lock to access the office.

Make sure you are not seen because this is an illegal action, and it can get you in trouble if you are seen.

  Now that you know how to access the interior of Mr. Fernsby's office in Hitman 3, you are ready to continue advancing in the game and obtain what Fernsby's office hides.

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