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Angel Marquez
2021-01-21 14:50:18

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Hitman 3 is full of various elements and that is why today we are going to explain everything you need to do to know how to photograph yellow birds

What to know about the yellow birds in Hitman 3?

These animals are present in this game and are part of a challenge in which we are involved and that allows us to do it in order to get a trophy, the problem here is that it is a somewhat difficult task to perform if we do not have the instructions necessary, for this we are precisely here, to tell you exactly how to get around this feat and in this way get the necessary photos.
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How to photograph the yellow birds in Hitman 3?


  •  The first thing we need to focus on is locating the bird graffiti, this makes us get involved in the mission of "Berlin Apex Predator", when we enter this search we must locate ourselves at the entrance of the club and turn right where we see a couple that she is sitting, there we see a bird running past them and it is the one with sunglasses, so this is where we will take the first photo.
  • We continue in the club and pass the security control, the objective is to look for the side entrance, we see 3 NPCs talking, we only have to pass them and turn right where we can take the next photo because there we get another yellow bird.
  • We continue on the side where the second is and look for the wall located on the left side, here we get the third bird to photograph, and it is behind a yellow garbage can.
  • We leave the place and for this we proceed to turn right, we must go up to the cargo container on the right side and this makes us pass the second security point, once in the place we get a total of 4 birds piled up, as one is on top of the other, and it's our time to take the photo.
  • We continue the search, and it is time to move to the left to access through a staircase and climb, by completing the first set of stairs we can photograph a bird that is located on the wall, exactly below the second set of stairs.
  • We continue and enter through the door for photographs the last two birds that are present in this challenge and in this way complete the so-called ornithology feat, which allows us to receive the trophy of the art of birds.


This is all you need to know about How to photograph yellow birds, it is a task that makes us work a little to get a trophy in Hitman 3 3, give it a try.

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