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Today we bring you a Fortnite guide, aiming to guide you on How to inflict damage while thermal vision is active as a Predator.

What to know about Fortnite?

We come to the last of the challenges allusive to the Predator, where understanding How to inflict damage while thermal vision is active as Predator is necessary, now it is appropriate to see the details to be presented below, let's see them.

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    How to deal damage while thermal vision is active as Predator in Fortnite?

    The Predator Skin is important to complete this challenge, but this does not bring thermal vision, so you have to find another way to do it, which consists of fishing, now with a fishing rod we go to a game and the water will be our destination, looking for any of the thermal fish that are available on the map, it is ideal to have a couple of these types of fish, then we have to find a player and eat the fish, then while the thermal vision is activated we must kill him, this You have to do it until you complete the challenge, the important thing is that the thermal fish can be found anywhere on the map.

      Knowing how to deal damage while thermal vision is active as a Predator is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Fortnite.

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