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The action at Halo Infinite does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to win at Oddball.

What to know about the oddball in Halo Infinite?

Among the many modes that we have to play in this game we have Oddball, it is important that the maximum score is obtained to achieve victory, which is possible while the ball is hoarded, it consists of a chase where there is a skull on fire right in the center, now to have a precise idea of How to win in Oddball let's see the following content.

How to win at Oddball at Halo Infinite?

It is important that we take into account on How to win in Oddball the strategies that will be presented to apply in this mode in Halo Infinite and these are the following:
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    • Play the objective: at some point we can get compromised if we are careless, so it is appropriate to wait for the right moment to face the enemies if it becomes necessary, it is important to keep the ball to win.
    • Be attentive to who has the Oddball: whoever has it at that moment will not be able to shoot, it will only depend on the melee, which puts him in vulnerability, in case it is a member of our team who has the Oddball we have to be an attacker and a defender at the same time, absorbing the shots if necessary to keep it safe.
    • Take cover if we have the Oddball: eliminating the options that the enemy have to bend us is that we can avoid enemy fire, considering the areas that have many angles to be covered and put the enemies to which they have to approach, it is ideal to use the Oddball to hit unless they come well armed.
    • Be on the restart: it is important to be on the edge of the map and let ourselves be killed if we have no choice, which can prevent the enemy from getting the ball because we will be forcing a restart due to our death, because the ball leaves the map and this return to the starting place.
    • Maintain distance with the opposing carrier: being the enemy who owns the ball, it is appropriate to distance ourselves and shoot at the same time, which can cause the release of the ball by not having teammates to defend it.
    • Release the Oddball without fear: when we are cornered by enemy shots we can release the ball and respond to the attack, especially if we are surrounded, we can give the ball to stop the attacks, now being alone it is ideal that all options be explored.

    Knowing how to win at Oddball is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Halo Infinite

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