Lidia Rozo
2020-09-24 14:23:05

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Hades is already with us and this allows us to tell you how to get secret Stashes, let's see.

Why get secret Stashes in Hades?

  We have the advantage of finding a number of interesting places and they allow us to have the opportunity to get fast and ideal fights to complete the races, because although it is true, its development has taken a long time, today it is worth highlighting that has managed to scale this game that we can easily access on Steam.
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How to get secret Stashes in Hades?

 The memories can be obtained by offering jars of nectar to an NPC and we can get them before starting a career as such, it is good to examine all the memories that we can get so far since we have the possibility of having 6 golden slots at the bottom that are labeled as secret Stashes and are reserved only for legendary memories, which we can get when we have managed to forge a relationship with certain characters, because increasing the affinity here is simply necessary.

 It is possible to unlock companions just by giving them nectar, as this makes the affinity grow considerably, in fact it is possible to improve them with Ambrosia.


 These are the secret Stashes.

  •  Skelly.
  • Achilles.
  • Megaera.
  • Dusa.
  • Sisyphus.
  • Thanatos

 Definitely, knowing How to get secret Stashes allows us to achieve affinity with certain characters in Hades, give it a try.