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2020-09-25 07:27:43

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Guide to learn How to get Lucifer skin in Hades

  The recent game that is gaining popularity called Hades that was developed by Supergiant Games, and it is an action roguelite. However, it still has a heavy focus on story elements, along with a host of skills and weapons that you can mix and match to create a unique build.

Having said that, this time we will focus on How to get the Lucifer skin so that you can have it at your disposal.
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How to get Lucifer skin in Hades?

They can be upgraded later in the game to improve your skills. To do this, spend a rare resource called Titan's Blood to unlock weapon skins.

Every weapon in the game has four Skins each, and one of the highest level upgrades you can get is the Lucifer Skin for the Adamant Rail weapon.

Before you can get the Lucifer skin, you will need to fully upgrade the Eternal Spear and unlock all skins for that weapon. And even to unlock Skins in the first place, you also need to have all weapons unlocked.

Use your Titan's blood to unlock the first three spear skins. You will also need to unlock the House Contractor NPC's Fated List of Minor Prophecies. After that, you will have to get to the final boss and fight him at least once, then talk to Achilles to learn about the final look.

Once you've done that, you need to head over to the final boss again, then speak to Achilles, who will allow you to unlock the final Aspect for the Eternal Spear. With this done you can start unlocking the Final Aspects for the rest of your weapons.

For the Adamant Riel, you simply need to spend at least five Titan Blood on any of its Aspects, then talk to Zeus to unlock the Lucifer Aspect. To secure the spawn of Zeus at the beginning of the encounter if you have her Memory, and since your affinity with the gods does not matter to unlock Aspects, you should be able to remove this quickly as long as you have enough Titan blood.

 Now that you know how to get the Lucifer skin in Hades you can unlock this skin and acquire it for a small price, as well as unlock different skins. Luck!