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2020-09-24 13:57:10

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We have made a Door Symbols Guide for you, as it is an interesting task that we can do in Hades.

What does Hades bring us?

  This is a game that has just been released a couple of days ago, set in ancient Greece where we can get by exploring the dungeons, and during this tour it is possible to get with a number of enemies which leads us to focus on one Door symbols guide, since the idea is to have a properly constructed character, because the doors here simply have a type of symbols that allow us to communicate in order to get a reward, the advantage is that here we have a number of doors.
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What are the symbols in Hades?

 This Guide to Door Symbols allows us to consider:

  •  Each gate has a specific reward.
  • The symbols are divided into three categories.
  • Two categories are duly related to Main Tools.
  • The symbols are divided into bonuses and artifacts.
  • Symbols are ideal for gaining skills and powers in Hades battles.


 The artifacts.

 In this Door Symbols Guide it is necessary to consider artifacts as an important element in Hades and they are as follows:


  •  The Darkness: This artifact is simply used to purchase the Night's Mirror upgrade rank as it is a Hades coin.
  • Ambrosia: This artifact can only be earned through rewards, as it is an interesting and important gift that we get by doing a favor to a character.
  • The Ctonic key: These are interesting elements that allow us to unlock infernal weapons and abilities of the Mirror of the night.
  • Diamond: we can get it as a reward and it is simply a gem.
  • The Daedalus Hammer: Serves as a booster during a race and can be used to make modifications
  • Gemstones - They are great for home contractor renovation and it is quite simply a coin.
  • Heart of the Centaur: It allows us to have the possibility of increasing HP to 25 duration during a race.
  • Power pomp: It is ideal for leveling up as it works as a bonus.
  • Nectar: ​​In this Guide to door symbols we find this ideal to manage our relationship, in addition to winning Keepsakes, since we can consider it a gift that we can receive from various characters.
  • El Obolo de Chaonte: this artifact is simply money that we can spend in two private stores.
  • Titan's Blood: This is a type of reward necessary to cancel some improvements made to the infernal arm.

The blessings.

 These are a type of necessary implements, because this Guide to door symbols allows us to have three different types of symbols and blessings are one of them


  •  Artemis: It is possible to get some improvements in casting ability as well as buffs based on blunt hits.
  • Ares: from him it is possible to get an increase in statistics, an increase in the status effect of Doom.
  • Dionysus: provides us with a reduction in damage and hangover effects that can offer us an effect very similar to poison.
  • Aphrodite: It gives us some interesting powers as it has defensive buff effects, or a Weak and Haunted status at Hades.
  • Poseidon: It provides us with ideal hit skills to reward values ​​and quantity.
  • Demeter: This character does not usually appear until we manage to overcome the game for the first time, as it has cooling properties, clearing abilities and healing.
  • Athenea: We got deflection properties applied to abilities, as well as defensive polishes.
  • Hermes: This allows us to get some improvements for the Dash, such as recovery of animation or speed.
  • Zeus: gives us lightning strikes depending on the blessing, as he has lightning powers.


The miscellaneous:

  •  The gray orb with the exclamation mark: this gives us a special boost for our career, as this means that we will have an encounter with 3 NPCs that are Sisyphus, Eurydice and Patroclus.
  • The skeleton money bag: this allows us to understand that it is necessary to spend the obolos in purchases of artifacts or extra gifts in the Charon shop.
  • The gates of chaos: it is not possible to pay for some health when we fall into them, because at first these are given as curses but then they can go through a process of transformation and be powerful blessings.
  • Skull icon: The door has a small skull icon in the symbol which indicates that it will be necessary to face a powerful enemy, it is important to be attentive, since if we see a symbol of darkness here it is possible that we are facing a fight with bosses.


 Now that you know the Door Symbols Guide, it is necessary to go for them and get them, because in Hades they all have a significant value.