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Gunfire Reborn: How to beat Lu Wu - Tips and tricks

2020-06-08 09:09:45

Today we bring you a Gunfire Reborn guide where we will explain how to beat Lu Wu in precise detail.

Who is Lu Wu in Gunfire Reborn?

This is our first boss to face us in the game, which certainly despite being an introduction will be difficult, showing us how difficult the fights of this class that we will have along the way, although it should be noted that at In the beginning it is not necessary to be so dependent on dodging, but in this fight it will be the opposite, to understand how to beat Lu Wu we have in this guide the precise details, which we will pay attention to below.
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How to beat Lu Wu in Gunfire Reborn?

The attacks of this opponent cause great damage, it is necessary that we use the cover of the stones that are in the surroundings of the arena or be vigilant to run, the detail to consider to do this is that when running it can attack us, we have to seek to avoid exposure when running to cover, it is necessary that we get to pass the shield that this boss has, if we want to harm his health, he will be in need of retiring once he is considerably affected, in order to restore his shields, but leaving enemies in place in the meantime, it's key that we remove them before Lu Wu returns.

The enemies can get complicated when leaving the area of ​​the fight in some situations when we enter these, so it is ideal that we avoid it in this fight, with an electric weapon we will be able to quickly destroy the shield despite the fact that Reload, this Lu Wu has all kinds of attacks, shooting, with which he raises his hand and telegraphs the damage that enters, here we have to locate ourselves at the back of a pillar, because dodging it is difficult without timing it correctly.

It is necessary to close the margin of the distance in terms of the jump against us, giving it a good blow when it approaches us, using evasion we will dodge it, then we will make a distance with it when we find another rock, close he will carry out an attack hitting the ground, which causes great damage, also Lu Wu is capable of throwing stones at us, due to a luminous circle on the ground we can identify them, thus having chace to get out of range, it is key that the damage received be limited, with the compression of your attack patterns, dodge and decrease your health we will overcome it.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat Lu Wu, we can move on to Gunfire Reborn.

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